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Yu Cheng Hong

Illustrator & Concept artist
插畫繪師 & 概念設計師
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Profile 簡歷

Yu Cheng was born in 1981 and is currently a concept artist and illustrator in the gaming industry.

Since his entry into the gaming industry in 2006, he has worked as a 3D modeler to design 3 dimensional figures for game.

The year 2007 was a major milestone, when he was exposed to the world of 2D concept and illustrations. From the year 2008 to 2012, he shifted his focus to be a 2D artist,From the year 2013, he became a freelancer illustrator with many clients under his belt.

During this period, Yu Cheng has been involved in the design of many well-known card game programs and has provided illustrations and character design for these clients,

They include: (Mobius Final Fantasy) (Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius) (Legend of the Cryptids) (Dragon's shadow) (Rage of Bahamut) (Shadowverse) (Deity war) (Kinza) (Dragoborne) (Lord of the Dragons) (Pathfinder) (Legion War) ( Gate Ruler ).....

生於 1981 年,目前專職遊戲原畫設計與宣傳插畫, 早年在學期間學習平面網頁設計與3D動畫,2006年進入遊戲產業,任職於3D美術,2008年後,因嚮往2D原畫設定與插畫。08~12年 期間轉職於2D美術原畫,2013年後轉為插畫師。

其後與許多國際客戶合作: Square Enix,Applibot,Mynet,CAPCOM,Cygames,Sumzap,Ateam,Gcrest,網易NetEase,​​Bushiroad inc,Crooz ,Klab,Paizo,Celsys,中文在线游戏Chineseall.....等

( Mobius Final Fantasy ) ( Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius ) ( TEPPEN CAPCOM ) ( Legend of the Cryptids ) (戰國 IXA Sengoku IXA ) 

( Dragon's shadow ) ( 神擊巴哈姆特Rage of Bahamut ) ( 闇影詩章Shadowverse ) ( 神魔X繼承 Deity war ) ( 戰國炎舞KIZNA ) ( Dragoborne ) ( Lord of the Dragons ) ( Pathfinder ) ( Legion War ) ( OVERHIT ) ( Gate Ruler ) ( 天空之門宣傳畫 )....等

作品同時收錄於許多畫集與展覽 (請參閱下方)

Client 合作客戶&工作經歷
mynet white 01.png
Publications 歷年作品收入畫集

Pixiv X 蓋亞 Artists in Taiwan:臺灣插畫.漫畫家藝術精選

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY 画集First Anniversary Collections

Rage of Bahamut "神撃のバハムート"Official Illustrations
乐艺leewiART角色2 國際優秀數字藝術家佳作賞析
EXPOSE 8 p088~089
EXOTIQUE 2 p006 &p114
EXOTIQUE 4 p101 & p191
EXOTIQUE 5 p042-043 & p049
EXOTIQUE 6 p008 & p009
神魔x繼承!RAGNABREAK Visual Works  p012
Fantasy+ ( 5 )  –  CYPI PRESS
Fantasy Art: Warriors & Heroes
NEW  WEB PICK  issue 44-interview
2D Artist Magazine
EXO2 Magazine
Artzmania Magazine
graphika manila09 book
Digital Art Magazine
Zeixs Asia Book
KISMET Fashion magazine 13th issue ( April ) 2011
Lord of the Dragons Art Book (KLAB Game)
Visions magazine

Award & Exhibition 參展

2009 Exhibition in Tokyo ASIAGRAPHIC Excellent Work
2009 Exhibition in GEISAI TAIWAN
2010~2017 Exhibition in Tokyo ASIAGRAPHIC Invited Artist

2021 Exhibition in Taiwan" ARTISTS IN TAIWAN 特展 " 誠品信義24小時書店 3F FORUM

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